Chinese smart city achievements showcased at the Lisbon-hosted ICT 2015

Several Chinese smart city achievements were showcased during a workshop at the Lisbon-hosted ICT 2015.

The achievements showcased were associated with either the EU-China IST project, the China-Europe Public Administration project or the EU-China Smartcities project.

Showcasing was designed to inspire as much teach.

The full meeting minutes will soon be available to download from this site.

UK-China Smartcities

The Chinese have requested support in creating a model for the construction of their next 100 smart green cities. This project will contribute policies and standards to that blueprint, while giving British partners a leading role in this field and the leading role in the EU-China Smart Green Cities initiative, launched by the Chinese Premier and the EU President.

The Chair of ACSI has specifically asked for UK support for smart city policies. The more influence that this project can have on shaping future policies and standards, the more openings will be available for suppliers of the technologies required and for creating further opportunities for the British cities and initiatives involved.

The project addresses a very important aspect of the sustainability agenda, in developing government structures which are able to join-up the often disparate factors which contribute to a green city – energy, transport and housing – and to make policies more holistic and less silo-focused.

Britain has the professional service strengths to actively engage in the next stages of China’s development in a global smart city market which will be worth around $400 billion per annum by 2020.

The quick-win and long-term collaborations to be instigated by this project will underpin the expected progress.