Joint laboratory

An agreement is in place between several organisations involved in the UK-China Smartcities initiative to develop a Joint Smart Cities Laboratory, co-located in Shanghai and Manchester.

Digital China are funding the Jiao Tang University to establish a smart cities laboratory there, whilst the agreement calls for a similar initiative to be set up in Manchester to foster deeper collaboration around current and future best practice in smart city design and technologies. The three universities of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan and Salford along with eForum form the basis for the UK side of the Joint Laboratory.

The involved parties will seek to share and undertake research and development to jointly promote technological innovation and industrial development in a number of areas that effect the urban environment, including, but not exclusive to, the following:

  • Public services;
  • Intelligent information processing;
  • Intelligent homes;
  • Green transportation;
  • Smart grids;
  • Internet of Things technology;
  • Energy saving and environmental protection;
  • Public participation;
  • And smart governance and the “joining up” of different disciplines in a shared approach.

Among the aims of this collaboration are:

  • To deploy respective expertise in scientific research to support the development of projects, including Digital China’s Smart City strategy and the Manchester EU Lighthouse Project;
  • To conduct basic research and application development in the fields of smart cities, citizen service, interoperability, electronic certification, city operation analytics and management, smart home appliances, green transportation, smart grid, Internet of Things technology, energy saving and environmental protection;
  • To strengthen the cooperation in terms of personnel training and student internships;
  • And to improve the levels of innovation among smaller businesses and start-up companies and therefore achieve mutual benefits and make greater contribution to the information communication technology industry in China and in the EU.

To summarize, the involved parties will:

  • Build the Joint Smart Cities Laboratory;
  • Strengthen UK-China science and technology cooperation;
  • Promote UK-China education and personnel training cooperation;
  • And conduct academic exchange and cooperation.