UK-China Workshop #1

The inaugural UK-China workshop took place in Manchester on 7-9 July 2014.

The inaugural workshop was designed around a broad set of approaches to the smart city; from the more traditional technology-enabled ones to softer ones centered around governance and planning. The programme included presentations on specific projects in Amsterdam, Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester, as well as approaches on smart city policy in the UK covering planning and buildings. In addition, district-specific developments were included in the programme. They included Airport City, Corridor Manchester and Media City. Finally, part of the programme was designed to coincide with the visit of a delegation from the China-Europe Public Administrative Project examining cloud computing and big data as well as the EU-funded GreenITnet project.

The discussions from the workshop provided the basis on which to progress the project and the design of the next three sessions. They included a twin track approach:

  • A short list of five policy areas for further development and investigation at the second workshop in China (namely development of open data standards and approaches, securing private sector expertise and involvement in smart city projects, increasing knowledge and education among citizens, design and delivery of smart city districts and the development of city based integrated operations systems).
  • A ‘smart city solutions challenge’ approach for SMEs to identify new project proposals and best practice applications.

In total, the workshop was attended by 50 representatives from Chinese and UK organisations.

Visit this website’s knowledge base page for presentations and the full report.

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