EIP-SCC launches Manifesto on Citizen Engagement online consultation

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EIP-SCC has launched an online consultation for its Manifesto on Citizen Engagement. The citizen-centred approach centres around institutionalising the concepts of privacy in organisations making up the smart city value chain and integrating these concepts in the design of smart city systems and sub-systems.

The Approach will consder:

  • Privacy-by-design and default;
  • Privacy settings;
  • Data protection impact assessments;
  • And interaction with existing network and community.

And result in:

  • Advice on privacy-by-design and by-default for EIP-SCC from a citizen-focused viewpoint;
  • Advice on privacy settings for EIP-SCC from a citizen-focused viewpoint;
  • And a data protection assessment template for EIP-SCC systems with a citizen-focused viewpoint.

Further information can be found here.

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