Sustainable Built Environment 2016

On 7-8 April, Utrecht will host Sustainable Built Environment 2016.

The Sustainable Built Environment conference series − promoted by iiSBE, UNEP-SBO and FIDIC − is considered to be the pre-eminent international conference on sustainable building and construction.

During the Sustainable Built Environmeny 2016 conference, attendees will meet technology transition professionals in urban sustainability from the Netherlands and from around the world. The main theme of the conference is “From Demonstrations to Large-Scale NET-Zero Refurbishment.” The four conference topics are:

  • Upscaling:  From prototypes and concepts to market introduction and business models.
  • Circular processes:  Models and materials and construction chains.
  • Small urban area:  Energy optimizing systems, participation of inhabitants and quality of life.
  • Governance:  Legislation and policies, stakeholder involvement and impact of local authorities.

The programme of the conference comprises two plenary sessions. In addition, eight small-scale interactive sessions will be organised, featuring 45 interactive presentations on the conference topics.