UK-China Smartcities Phase 2 launched

Having successfully completed the first phase of this initiative, which was essentially to scope out how discussion and sharing knowledge could be turned to real demonstration activities, phase two- which is to “Design and Deliver” has now kicked off. The aim of the project is “to transform major urbanization initiatives in Chinese cities into a global exemplar of smart city development through the integrated design and delivery of smart city solutions utilising UK SME technologies and expertise gained through Triangulum in Manchester.” The development of smart cities is a major policy initiative of UK and Chinese governments as well as the European Commission and has been the subject of several high level Ministerial led discussions and is a topic within the current EU-China Dialogue on ICT.


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Major Cities of Europe 2016 annual conference


On 30 May and 1 June 2016, Florence will host the Major Cities of Europe 2016 annual conference.

Florence – a city experienced in leveraging information and communication technologies – will host delegates from Europe and beyond.

The conference, its expert speakers and round table discussions will focus upon city renaissance in the digital age through an examination of several pilots and implementations. Naturally, topics covered will include:

  • Citizen participation;
  • Cloud governance;
  • Internet of Things;
  • eGovernment and digital transformation;
  • Safety and security;
  • Smart education;
  • eHealth;
  • And eCare.


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Amsterdam’s Smart City Event 2016

Between 7 and 10 June, Amsterdam Arena will host Amsterdam’s Smart City Event 2016. This year’s edition will feature:

  • Partticipants from all over the world;
  • Exhibitors, start-ups and special interest cafes in the Innovation Playground;
  • College tours with key speakers;
  • International cities sharing their smart city projects on stage;
  • High-level masterclasses;
  • Excursions into Amsterdam and Rotterdam;
  • And much much more.

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EU-China Co-Funding Mechanisms (CFM) offer another 28 million Euros to support EU-China joint research and innovation

2nd EU-China Innovation Co-operation Dialogue

These new funding packages will pave the way for deepened cooperation between European and Chinese research and innovation stakeholders by promoting a stronger Chinese participation in Horizon 2020. They will also be open to a variety of thematic areas such as food, agriculture, biotechnology, information and communication technology, space, aviation, energy, health, transportation, water resources, energy conservation, advanced manufacturing, new materials, sustainable urbanization and young scientists exchange activities.

For details on who can apply and application deadlines click here.

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The CHOICE project ends

The CHOICE project ended in December. Over the course of the past two years, the CHOICE project successfully contributed to supporting and strengthening EU-China research collaboration in the field of ICT.

The CHOICE project produced:

  •  A web platform providing the latest information on EU-China S&T and R&D cooperation in ICT;
  • A virtual community of stakeholders supporting research and dialogue on ICT on LinkedIn, Twitter and Weibo;
  • Four thematic workshops organised to accelerate EU-China cooperation in the field of IoT, industry IoT, FIWARE and immersive and interactive media;
  • Two project events organised in Chengdu and Lisbon to showcase EU-China ICT R&D cooperation success stories.
  • Two handbooks designed to guide interested parties through EU-China S&T and R&D cooperation in ICT;
  • Two webinars illustrating key features of the EC’s Digital Agenda for Europe and Horizon 2020 programme as well as the future of EU-China ICT R&D cooperation;
  • An online database providing information on relevant EU and MS/AC projects to support coordination and a mapping of Chinese and EU industrial associations to reinforce industrial cooperation;
  • An “ask an expert” online service for European and Chinese researchers in the ICT field looking for support and guidance in the development of joint research projects;
  • A FAQs section of the project website detailing the responses to frequently asked questions received during the project;
  • And more than 100 EU-China industrial collaboration opportunities resulting from CHOICE-supported matchmaking and B2B activities.

For further information click here.

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UK-China Smartcities selected as best practice case in the EU-China smart city relationship


UK-China Smartcities has been selected as the best practice case in the EU-China smart city relationship.

The success of the UK-China Smartcities project and the solid collaboration between Manchester and Wuhan supported by Digital China and eForum has been recognised as best practice. This has resulted in an invitation to participate in the next phase of the EU-China SmartCities project with five other chosen EU-China city partnerships. The existing EU-China Smartcities project  partners of Manchester, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Issy-les-Moulineux and Bristol have been joined by Milton Keynes in the next phase of the initiative. The Policy Dialogue Support Fund-sponsored initiative has adopted a methodology which called for an initial scoping period in which EU’s DG CNECT and China’s MIIT met to agree progress and to establish the cities to be invited to participate in this phase of the initiative. A series of bi-lateral meetings will be timetabled culminating in a workshop event in Brussels in the early summer of 2016.

Read more about EU-China Smartcities here.

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Wuhan British consulate opening spurs UK interest and activity in the city

The opening of Wuhan’s British consulate in March 2015 has been followed a significant increase in UK interest and activity in the city.

The opening of Wuhan’s British consulate builds on the Manchester-Wuhan strategic twinning – a twinning that goes back to 1986 and which has resulted in the signing of a joint MoU and Action Plan regarding future smart city collaboration which coincides with the opening of the consulate.

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Sustainable Built Environment 2016

On 7-8 April, Utrecht will host Sustainable Built Environment 2016.

The Sustainable Built Environment conference series − promoted by iiSBE, UNEP-SBO and FIDIC − is considered to be the pre-eminent international conference on sustainable building and construction.

During the Sustainable Built Environmeny 2016 conference, attendees will meet technology transition professionals in urban sustainability from the Netherlands and from around the world. The main theme of the conference is “From Demonstrations to Large-Scale NET-Zero Refurbishment.” The four conference topics are:

  • Upscaling:  From prototypes and concepts to market introduction and business models.
  • Circular processes:  Models and materials and construction chains.
  • Small urban area:  Energy optimizing systems, participation of inhabitants and quality of life.
  • Governance:  Legislation and policies, stakeholder involvement and impact of local authorities.

The programme of the conference comprises two plenary sessions. In addition, eight small-scale interactive sessions will be organised, featuring 45 interactive presentations on the conference topics.

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